Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pupil takes over the school for a day!

Wednesday 22nd October
Today at Newlands Primary school, there was a new headteacher for the day! Mr McCarthy, the current headteacher, put out a challenge that whoever got in to the top ten in the world on a maths teaching online program called Mathletics could take over the school. One of the Y6 boys, Ciaran Donegan, 10, managed to get to number nine!
Ciaran said, “It was great to see my name in the rankings and I have really enjoyed my time as headteacher. I got to take part in meetings, write emails and filled in the school diary. I also got to update the Newlands blog and write a newsletter! It was great fun! I never realised that the headteacher’s diary was so busy and that he had so much to do!”
Mr McCarthy, headteacher, said, ‘It was a delight to have Mr Donegan in charge for the day!  I think that he learnt a great deal about leading and managing a school but most of all I think that he enjoyed the experience.  It was a fitting reward for what was a fantastic achievement – Ciaran always works hard and rises to the challenges set before him.’
(Written by Ciaran Donegan)

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