Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Goodbye Mrs Plowman

After 28 years of service as a school cook, sadly, we said goodbye to Mrs. Plowman today.  We will miss her and EVERYBODY hopes that she has a lovely, enjoyable retirement.  We finished with a song, just for her...

For 28 years

You’ve fed our bunch

Of eager mouths

With delicious lunch;

You’ve laughed and cried

And smiled a lot

And made sure that

Our meals were hot.

We’ve seen garden peas,

Toad in the hole,

Broccoli, Quiche

And Salmon Roll;

Chicken Grills,

A special sizzler

And who can forget

Your Turkey Twizzler?

Mrs. Plowman

You’ve never failed to deliver,

You’re better than Jamie Oliver

You’re better than Jamie Oliver

Mrs. Plowman

We’ll miss you for ever,

You’re better than Jamie Oliver

You’re better than Jamie Oliver

So the time has come

To take a rest,

No more gravy

On your chicken breast.

Take some time

To rest those feet

And maybe enjoy

A special treat;

We’ll miss your smile

And words so kind,

Your dressing up,

Your thoughtful mind;

You’ve chopped and peeled

And gave us choices

And politely asked us

To lower our voices

Thank you for

These faithful years

Encouraging some

To beat their fears

Thank you for the

Wholesome food

The joyful service,

Cheerful mood.

Thank you for your

True commitment,

Sharing, teamwork

And best intent.

Thanks for seeing

This job through

And above all

Thanks, for being you.

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